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SAM-e is produced in small amounts by the human body and is an important physiological factor in the production of many compounds. However, the body does not always produce adequate amounts of SAM-e and supplementation is sometimes required. SAM-e has been the subject of many scientific studies in Europe.

SAM-e strongly absorbs moisture from the environment, which can lead to a compromise in its overall quality. Consequently, our SAM-e tablets are carefully enteric-coated for the strongest protection.

Sam-E (from 400mg of s-adenosyl-I-methionine disulfate tosylate) 200 mg *

  • Natural mood enhancer.
  • Supplements a vital nutrient which the body often does not produce in sufficient amounts.
  • Liver and joint support.
  • Enteric-coated to protect the tablet from environmental moisture.
  • Each tablet contains 200 mg of SAM-e.

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